like i never existed

You just shelled out $100k for the BMW 760li, or Audi S8.  Or perhaps you dropped big bucks on the Mercedes Benz S63.  You think you’ve arrived in uber-sedan heaven.

And while those all are wonderful cars, you shouldn’t get too confident.  You shouldn’t demand everyone stop what they’re doing to let you go first at a stop sign, or valets to tip you just to have the chance to park your car.  Yeah, you’re neighbor gives you “the nod”, but you’re not quite driving like a boss.

Yes, your car is nice.  But don’t pretend like you’re driving “the sedan” when you know people have the Rolls Royce Ghost.  And don’t even get me started on the Maybach Landaulet (if driving’s not your thing):

As one of my friends would say, “Act accordingly”.

Via Jalopnik


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