on the house

As the school year winds down, many people may be out celebrating.  And with a lot of friends, a lot of these celebrations result in a variety of alcoholic shots.  I’d like to recommend a shot that my buddy turned me onto that needs more recognition.

Relax, I am a college student, and yes I am in a fraternity.  So many people think I’m referring to this:

You don’t really read HNIRZ thinking I’m going to be recommending jager bombs, do you?  No, I’m referring to the delicious shot known as Applesauce.  Any decent bartender should know what you’re referring to, but in case they don’t or you want to make one for the pregame/afterparty, here’s the recipe:

2/3 oz. Apple Pucker

1/3 oz. Goldschlager

Splash of pineapple juice

Shake over ice

Definitely recommended for all – it does the job, but doesn’t have any nasty aftertaste.  You really can’t help but remark afterward on how much it tasted like Mott’s.

This shot reminds me of this awesome Goldschlager triple-fluted shot glass I had that was shattered after only an hour.  Need to source another one of these ASAP for the permanent collection.


2 responses to “on the house

  1. That Goldschlager glass is wild. Are the 3 flutes connected so liquid can pass through? What’s it for?

  2. Thanks for the comment Andrew. Yes, the three flutes are all connected to one another. The actual shot glass is pretty tall, about 5 inches.

    When you take the shot, you drink out of any of the three flutes and nothing pours out of the others, surprisingly.

    Not sure on the actual “purpose”. Its not meant for multiple people to take a shot simultaneously, and doesn’t appear to be for mixing either.

    You can pick one up from eBay for under $10 but shipping usually brings it up to $15-$20 total.

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