on to the next one

Was a little sad to be reminded I haven’t posted on my blog for an entire year.  It’s been a busy year to say the least, but the end of an era has finally come.  Out with the old, in with the new.

In short, HNIRZ is back.  Sort of.

When I started, I was excited to put my spin and opinion on a number of different things.  Over time, I think that opinion was eroded to strictly facts or a “Check this out”, which isn’t quite beneficial.  In the future, there won’t be a formula, a strict purpose for this blog, other than for me to provide the internets with something it doesn’t already have – my opinion.

If you’re looking for the newest in art or fashion or cars or politics or design, this shouldn’t be your first stop.  There are a number of other fantastic websites that have full time staff to deliver this coverage.  Frankly, that’s not something I can or want to do.  I’d like to impart through this blog my outlook on different things – whether it be products, trends, outlooks on life, really anything I see fit.

Welcome to HNIRZ 2.0.


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