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I’ve had quite the affinity towards interesting and unique office supplies this past semester.  From my first Lamy Safari, to a Kuru Toga and a whole bunch of other Japanese exclusive leads and erasers, it’s a new hobby.  Discovering JetPens didn’t help, and I’ve still got my eye on the big dog Zebra Sharbo X:

I read a blog post a few weeks ago about a particular item I couldn’t believe I missed out on – a stainless steel Sharpie.  Everyone’s favorite permanent marker got an upgrade!

How does it hold up though?  The idea is a refreshing upgrade to the classic shape, and it features replaceable ink cartridges.  Did I mention this is a stainless steel Sharpie?

However, there are some downsides, starting with the weight.  I was surprised by how light the entire thing was.  I was hoping it would feel indestructible, and it didn’t give me that impression at all.

Another gripe is the fact that due to the replaceable ink cartridge, the bottom barrel screws off (where the black meets the stainless steel barrel).  Every time you try to pull off the cap, the lower portion gets a little loose.  You find yourself tightening the lower portion constantly.  Not a major problem, but why is it this easy to unscrew?  I don’t plan on refilling the ink after every use.

Overall, it’s a cool idea and concept, but lacks in execution.  The laser etching is a nice touch, but not something that redeems its other lacking qualities.  Still, at around $7, not a bad deal for the toughest Sharpie out there.