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on watching movies

I have a friend who sees probably 75% of movies that come through the theaters.  Anything with 3D, big name actors or big name directors that you can check out at your local Cineplex, he has probably seen it.  A friend like that is good to have, because he can always give you a heads up of what you should check out (along with Rotten Tomatoes & IMBD).

However, I personally try to see movies that don’t come through the theaters and aren’t available in IMAX & 3D.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a cinephile or a snob when it comes to movies.  I’ll gladly watch through The Dark Knight on a huge screen like most people, but I think it’s also worthwhile to watch movies that aren’t “blockblusters”.

What will surprise most people (as it did me) is that there are some unbelievably terrific movies that aren’t shown on thousands of screens nationwide.  Just because a movie isn’t available at your local Cineplex doesn’t mean that it should be avoided.  The combination of blogs, recommendation systems (try MyZeus) and YouTube (for checking trailers) allows you to make much better decisions on what you want to watch.

Netflix has made this task much easier, with a variety of streaming titles and the ability to get just about any movie you can think of.  I would highly recommend signing up for a plan, as it costs about 1 movie ticket a month.  Couple that with the savings you’ll reap by avoiding $4 sodas and $7.50 buckets of popcorn, and you’ll surely come out seeing a wider variety of movies and still have some money in your pocket.

I thought I might share a few movies that I believe are worth your time.  I realize that 4 out of the 5 recommendations are documentaries, and that is intentional.  Message to everyone: learning while watching a movie isn’t a bad thing.  Just because these films don’t have vampires or CGI or Hugh Grant and tell stories of fact rather than fiction, doesn’t mean they are bad.

Art of the Steal

I’ve recommended this movie to almost everyone I know who has a Netflix account, as you can stream this one. Fantastic story whether or not you like art at all.


This is the most recent film from Francis Ford Coppola (of Godfather fame) and it is quite beautiful.  A film about brotherhood.  Vincent Gallo does a great job.

The King of Kong

Quite simply, a documentary about the world’s best players of the arcade game Donkey Kong.  One of the great battles of good and evil.

Dear Zachary

If you don’t cry during this movie (men and women alike), you have got some serious issues.  Don’t read about this movie, just watch the trailer (if you have to) and stream this on Netflix.


A film about the typeface Helvetica.  Give it a chance and you might learn that a documentary about type isn’t boring – it’s actually quite interesting.

I’d love to hear your comments if you’ve seen these (or end up watching them).


john hughes r.i.p.

So many greats are dying.  Eclectic Method put together this tribute to John Hughes, director of so many great 80’s flicks.

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Via NotCot

if you’ve seen american psycho

You have to watch this music video by Miles Fisher covering “This Must Be The Place”.  He covers American Psycho very well, down to the facial mask and everything.


raaaaaaaandy (yes, with 8 a’s)

I’ll admit that the trailer for Funny People doesn’t have me on the floor laughing.

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What really interests me is Aziz Ansari’s new alias/character, Raaaaaaaandy (with 8 a’s).  I’ve loved Aziz’s work from Parks & Recreation and his material for his character from Funny People just makes me laugh.  The fact he has a DJ just cracks me up.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“You ain’t need no root canal, you need a new DJ homie”. – DJ Old Youngin’

Check out more clips and play with the Raaaaaaaandy sound board at

an endangered stuffed animal

Murakami is at it again, this time collaborating with Louis Vuitton to produce this panda figure.  Spotted on Verbal’s blog, it’s hard to say whether this will release or if it is a one-off.

Even if this does release, it’ll probably be as rare and “endangered” as a real panda would be.

Via Freshness

I’m definitely feeling like Takashi Murakami is on top of his game, so much to the point that no matter what he makes, people will go crazy over it.  If you’re familiar with the movie Zoolander, Murakami could be compared to Mugatu:

you’re the best

Some stunning visuals in Drake’s new video for “Best I Ever Had”:

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inglourious basterds pt. ii

I’m genuinely surprised more people aren’t hyping this movie yet.  Brad Pitt’s character looks great and it’s directed by none other than Taratino.  This new trailer gives more background information about the plot – something the first trailer severly lacked.  The plot definitely sounds intriguing, although a bit like Valkyrie.

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Bonus – check out the international poster:

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