in my bathing apes

While the online store for Bathing Ape has been up for a couple months now, you probably haven’t heard too much about it.  The new releases aren’t marked by an email or RSS feed, so you have to hope you’re online at the right time for exclusive drops.  That being said, I’m not sure when these scarves released, but I’m a huge fan already.



I would probably wear a lot more BAPE if it weren’t for the price.  I can’t justify $73 on a graphic t-shirt, much less the $200+ for sweaters and $500+ for outerwear.  Even as it stands, you’re better off having basic outwear and save bright colors/patterns for your accessories.

That’s why a camouflage scarf would be perfect.  Wear it with a tweed blazer and go for the Kanye look or throw on your heaviest parka and bundle up.  Yes, it’s camouflage, but it’s not military surplus looking.  And the best part is that it costs just as much as a t-shirt from Bape: $73.

Info: 10 inches wide by 63.25 inches long, available on

And while you’re on the camouflage kick, upgrade your home as well:



Dust pan/brush

Camo Brush & Pan set


Plunger_CamoCamouflage home products available from Seltzer Studios


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