break it off

If you checked out Gary Hustwit’s latest film Objectified, you may remember a scene about toothpicks.  Andrew Blauvelt of the Walker Art Center explains that the Japanese toothpick actually breaks off towards the end, to signal that it has been used and also to create a rest for the toothpick.

As usual, Design Within Reach has got you covered.  While they don’t explicitly state that they are the same as described in Objectified, they do state that “he refillable holder comes packed with cedar toothpicks that have a decorative groove at one end.”  At $12 it might be worth it to pick up just for the Hinoki cypress toothpick holder.

Screen shot 2009-11-14 at 7.31.31 PMI really appreciate cultures that appreciate these simple, yet formal gestures.  Americans seem to always be on the go and very rarely do we enjoy relaxing after a meal with dessert or coffee/tea.  Regardless, any restaurant that offers these toothpicks to patrons is going to receive 5 stars in my book.


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