and the winner is

Sorry for being MIA recently.  This semester has been pretty brutal, but I’ve still been keeping up with my Google Reader.  The proof is right there:

Screen shot 2009-11-04 at 8.31.53 PM

If you still stop by or are subscribed to the feeds, thanks for staying on board.  I’m not sure how frequently I’ll be able to post but I’m going to do my best to keep it up.  Let’s get back to it.

I recently picked up something that has been eluding me for the longest time – a pair of Visvims.  The retail price of Visvims usually scared me off especially when I hadn’t heard much about their quality.  And unfortunately, with the rising power of the yen, you’re looking at $450 for some of the sneakers and over $700 for the boots – a risky investment for a first time buyer.


Fortunately, I came across a great deal and jumped on it.  I picked up a pair of (heavily worn, mind you) Visvim Logan lows in black leather leather and suede.  And not to brag, but I’m happy that I paid about 75% retail for this pair, making it the perfect birthday present to myself.  Here are a few pictures (low quality iPhone photos):





As I mentioned, the pair I picked up were heavily used by the previous owner.  But I couldn’t be happier.  It is quite evident that the construction is on another level from Vans, and while I agree that for the price this should be assumed, this isn’t always the case in “high fashion” footwear.  Just as my jeans, belt and wallet are built for years and decades instead of months, I am glad I found a company that made sneakers that appeared to do the same.

A couple years ago, I bought every Jordan and a good amount of Air Force 1 releases for a couple months.  I had “a guy” at Foot Locker who brought stock out to me before it went on the floor, and at Finish Line come to think of it.  If it dropped, I had to have it.  Looking back now, I would have been much better off had I bought just one pair of Visvims instead of all these other sneakers.  Unlike with Jordans or AF1s, I don’t care if I step in mud or someone steps on my shoes.  I know they’re going to be able to take any abuse I throw at them, and furthermore, they look better when they are beat up.  The same definitely cannot be said about white on whites…and I’m still mad about whoever scuffed up my Jordans.

You’ll seldom find a sale on Visvims as only a few stockists in North America carry them, but look through SuperFuture, eBay and even Yahoo! Japan auctions.  There are deals to be had out there, and when you come upon one, you’ll be glad you tried Visvim.  Here are a few of my favorite models to spark your interest:

Picture 1Lhamo Folk (my next pair)



Anybody else own a pair of Visvims that wants to weigh in?


2 responses to “and the winner is

  1. Wow, those Logans are VERY beat up, I hope you didn’t pay much more than $100 for them!

    I heard that Visvim footwear is known for being solid quality, but nothing amazing. This comment came from someone who owns 5+ pairs of the things, but as I am not an owner…

    well congrats, and good luck hunting for the Llhamos

  2. Yeah I picked up for about $70 plus s/h which isn’t all that pricier over a pair of Vans. I didn’t mean to imply that these are built like workwear boots and they’ll last a lifetime, but I’m just tired of going through Vans and Converse like nobodys business.

    Another benefit is with the addition of the Goodyear sole, you can replace the bottoms and keep on aging the uppers. I’m not really sure where the majority of problems come with regards to quality but the ability to replace soles (much like dress shoes) is definitely a bonus.

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