a recent obsession: the lamy safari

Blame the information overload available at Superfuture, but I recently was on the hunt for a premium writing device.  I’m not much a fan of the classic or traditional look, so Mont Blanc and Cross were both out.  I was looking for a high quality, well designed and functional product.  And while I wasn’t on a Bic-product budget, I also wasn’t looking to spend $100+ on a pen.

What I ended up with was the Lamy Safari, designed by Wolfgang Fabian.  The first Lamy I saw was the Safari fountain pen, but I was really looking for a mechanical pencil.  Luckily, the Safari line includes a fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint pen, as well as a mechanical pencil version.  Regardless of whether or not you want a pen or pencil however, the styling is very similar.

Screen shot 2009-09-08 at 4.35.14 PMThe Safari line all feature the iconic brass clip, are made from ABS plastic and have been in production since 1980.  I received my Lamy Safari mechanical pencil last week and I couldn’t be happier.  It’s a bit pricey (I got mine for about $23 shipped) but the German engineering and quality is evident.  It is more comfortable and just “feels” right.  I do agree with most reviews I’ve read, however, that the eraser isn’t anything spectacular.

It even comes with it’s own warranty.  Here’s my actual pencil with it’s packaging and the warranty card.



Another thing I like about the Safari line is the limited edition colors.  Right now, you can pick up the Safari line in pink or safari orange.  I think the orange color is an addition to the permanent product line, but pink is available only for 2009.

Overall, if you are looking for a durable writing instrument, give the Lamy Safari a try.  It’s pricey compared to your normal pen or pencil, but it’s a noticeable step above in quality, looks and durability.  A majority of the line can be found directly from Lamy’s USA website but Amazon, eBay or a local art store are good options as well.  Lamy even has a “Where to buy Lamy” section to help with your search.


8 responses to “a recent obsession: the lamy safari

  1. I just got to know Lamy Safari from a friend a few months back, and since then, I’ve bought 3 Safari fountain pen… that’s how much I love it..

  2. Beautiful photography of the fountain pen on your blog, Kew. I’m thinking about safari orange, blue or charcoal for my fountain, but I’m still indecisive.

  3. I kind of would like to try the fountain pen, but knowing me I’d probably make an inky mess of my papers. I don’t think I’ve ever written with a fountain pen before. Pretty cool how many colors it comes in as well, I didn’t realize that.

  4. This is a great fountain pen. I currently have a rollerball, a Safari and a transparent Safari, all of which are a delight to write with! Search the internet so you get the better price, they anywhere from $18-$30.

  5. I have a red Safari fountain pen with black click. It came with a black F nib too but I swapped it for an EF nib and the shop only had silver EF nibs. All the colours the Safari comes in are nice but I don’t write all that much and already have two other fountain pens (Parker Frontier and one of the 80s slimline Sheaffers) and three ballpoint and pencil sets (Parker Jotter, Parker Frontier matching my FP and Rotring 500). However, if I should ever walk into a shop and see the orange Safari in stock, I would have to add it to my collection.

    Regarding the mechanical pencil eraser; I’ve yet to find one that’s truly usable. I’ve come to believe they’re just added as a marketing feature/selling point.

  6. Great post! Those are fantastic pens.

  7. I’ve had two Safari fountain pens and have been disappointed with the ink flow. It feels rather dry to me.

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