product review: marvis mint toothpaste

Part of my nature is to hunt and research for the absolute best.  I think my mindset is always thinking that with the limited time we have on Earth, it’s not worth it to just “get by”.  And if I have to brush my teeth twice a day, I might as well see what a premium toothpaste can do, right?

After reading about Marvis toothpaste in a variety of men’s magazines, I decided to give it a shot (or rather, a brush).  Unless you have a high-end apothecary in your area, you’ll probably have to buy it online (and unfortunately pay s/h fees).  I was fortunate enough to have a C.O. Bigelow apothecary in the area.

Imported from Italy, you’ll definitely feel the sticker shock ($10.50 for a 75ml tube) but it features some of the best toothpaste packaging I’ve ever seen:

I really wanted to try the whitening type ($12) but unfortunately they were out of stock.  I ended up going with the classic mint.  Here are the pros/cons I’ve run across after using it for about 2 weeks:


  • Very strong flavor.  Breath afterward is just like if you had an Altoid.
  • Beautiful packaging.  Not something you want to hide.
  • Imported from Italy.  Helps explain the high cost.

  • Expensive.  2-3 times what a normal tube costs.
  • The travel size is even worse – $6 for a tiny tube.
  • Hard to find in retail locations.

Overall, the Marvis mint toothpaste is a nice product, but may not be worth the $10.50.  It is definitely a nice luxury and something I could get used to having, but it’s not something I’d die without.  If you’re interested in it but want something a little different, they have a few other flavors including Jasmine Mint and Aquatic Mint.  I’ve heard the Jasmine Mint is very nice but never tried it.

My suggestion: Pick up a tube of Marvis and use it in the morning, while continuing to use your old toothpaste at night.  You’ll have the characteristic Marvis breath in the morning (when it matters) and you can see for yourself whether it’s worth it.



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