kind of creepy

I’m surprised there wasn’t more blog coverage about the “My Life Urn”.  It’s such an incredibly interesting (and yet strange) concept.

My Life Urn is a modern memento mori designed to carry a seed which will grow into a tree from the nutritional ingredients found in your placenta when you are born. The tree will live & change just like you through life depending on how you take care of it. When your time has come, My Life Urn will also serve as a carrier of your remains. Buried in the ground, your Tree of Life will keep on growing into a memorial symbolizing your time on earth.

Interesting idea, but I think it may be a bit too far out there.

“Hey, nice plant.”

“Oh, thanks.  It’s actually my urn.”

Silence.  What a way to kill a conversation.

From Design Milk


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