amp up your accessories

I’ve always really been into accessories.  Necklaces, rings, hats, wallet chains, etc.  I always seem to be interested in that sort of stuff rather than shirts or pants.  A few of my favorite accessories lately have been a little vintage looking.  Case in point: this wooden business card holder from Masakage Tanno:

“Made from Japanese Oak or Padouk, each case has a magnet embedded in the wood to close them shut. The hinges and detailing are of Ebony.”

You can pick one up here for $82 (via Selectism).

I also really liked this pin from the online community Etsy:

Valet Mag linked to this great Etsy store, wildcatters, where you can pick up one of these pins in a variety of colors for $18.

Digging through my links I stumbled upon these wooden rings from Metsa.  Not sure if the multi-finger ring is still in, on it’s way out, or never was “big”, but I was always amazed by these.  Too bad they aren’t available at more retailers:

And such nice packaging too:

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’d use any of these items enough to justify the price.  They are all great pieces in their own way.


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