upgrade your john hancock

I was on the quest the other day to add a link to my Twitter in my signature, so people would easily be able to follow me.  Unable to do that (using GMail), I did some Googling and came up with a much better solution.  Instead of now having four lines of text (not my actual signature BTW):

Picture 3

I now have this:

Picture 2

The four icons at the bottom lead to my blog (you’re on it), Twitter (why aren’t you following me?), Facebook, and LinkedIn.  What started off as a search for a hyperlink lead to a full signature upgrade.  If you are looking to upgrade your signature and make something like mine, here’s how to do it (via Advocable):

  1. Install the Blank Canvas Gmail Signatures script (must be using Firefox with Greasemonkey).
  2. Follow the instructions for the script in the left pane of GMail, underneath Chat.
  3. Use an online HTML WYSIWYG editor to make your signature.  Paste the HTML into the “Edit Signature” box in GMail.
  4. Send yourself a test email.  My signature looks double spaced when I made it in the editor, but shows up as single spaced to recipients.  You want to make sure your recipients can read your signature after all!
  5. If you plan on using images, make sure you label all the images with an alternate text.

Here’s the image from Advocable that inspired my own signature:

And here is what the signature would look like if images aren’t supported by the email client (why it’s important to have alternate text):

If you need more instruction, check out the how-to here.  And make sure you keep your signature professional and easy-to read.

Bonus points for anyone that notices the joke/reference on the page…

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