one less office

As much as I’d like to say all I need is a computer, there are those random times where you need a scanner or fax or tablet or _____.  Why bother with all the extra hassle and precious room for these other devices when you can hide them?  One Less Office aims to solve some of those problems:

You’ve got enough room for a LCD, laptop, filing cabinet and multi-function printer.  The true beauty of this setup is when things are nested:

Talk about minimal footprint!  And because all the pieces are not heavy and stationary, they can be used in a variety of layouts, depending on what the task requires.

Even the dog likes it!  I’m not sure if I would personally go with yellow, but they offer five other colors to suit your fancy.  The entire office will run you just under $1200 and will be available in July from Heckler Design.

Seen at AT: Unpluggd.

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