recent purchases 6/16

I figured that with all my ranting and raving about collectibles and Be@rbricks, I should at least give a glimpse into what I actually buy.  These are from the past couple weeks:


  • Ikea Tindra candles in French Vanilla – a steal at $2.50/each for 30 hour burn time.
  • D.L. & Co. Memento Mori candle set – the original skull candle set.  A total of 5 one ounce unscented skull candles.
  • G Sake “Joy” – Genshu: Cask Strength and 18% alcohol.
  • Casa Brutus May 2009 – bought for the small Murakami “Kaikai Kiki” plate (blogged about in April).
  • Honeyee Mag Vol. 8 – Interview with Damien Hirst and lots of coverage on Supreme, Visvim, Nike, etc.
  • The Hill-Side Chambray Bandana – 5 oz. with a selvage edge.
  • Minimum by John Pawson – the miniature version with some great coverage on simple architecture

Also have a Opening Ceremony for Uniqlo windbreaker coming and hopefully the Phaidon Design Classics soon.   Summer end purchases will hopefully be the Buzz Rickson x William Gibson MA-1, Ikea PS Cabinet and a lounge chair of some sort.


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