brand spotlight: j. crew

As evidenced by a recent tweet, I’ve been incredibly impressed with J. Crew lately.  In the last few years they have elevated their style to a whole new level that Banana Republic can’t even compete with.  The mixture of J. Crew classics and collaborations with the best of the best make it one of the greatest bang for your buck brands out there.  I recently bought this chambray shirt and honestly couldn’t be happier:

I find myself wearing it at least once a week, and wanting to wear it much more often that that.  Anyway, if you are looking to pick up a new piece or haven’t checked out J. Crew in awhile, here is what you’re missing:

Everybody needs a nice gingham shirt for summer.  Perfect with shorts or jeans, dressed up or down.

This is J. Crew’s collaboration with Baracuta.  A great slim fitting spring jacket – I’d recommend tan or navy.

And this is J. Crew’s collaboration on a Mackintosh coat.  Buy one – it’ll last you a lifetime and save you from rain countless times.

Round out an outfit with a pair of nubuck Sperry Top-Sider Chukkas.  Perfect match with the gingham shirt above.

An unlikely pick, I know.  But if you’ve ever been curious to try the hat look and not look like a Justin Timerlake or Ne-Yo wannabe, you can pick this one from J. Crew for under $35.

And finally, I’m glad to see that at least one brand cares about shapes other than Wayfarers this season.  These are classics with the appropriate name – “The Clubmasters”.

If you were like me and saw J. Crew as kind of, well…boring, then hopefully this has opened your eyes a little bit to the new direction they’re heading in.  As a quick note, if you happen to have a J. Crew outlet in the area, mention you are a college student (and show the respective ID) or teacher and you’ll get 15% off non-clearance merchandise.

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