iphone 3.0 os: hands on hnirz exclusive

Shifting gears from the usual fashion and design posts, I wanted to do a hands-on guide so you know what to expect when the new iPhone 3.0 software releases June 17th.  This won’t be nearly as in-depth as you may find on other websites as the point is to show the main that I’ve seen (as shown by the HNIRZ drops).


  • Now available in landscape mode-


  • By pressing “Edit”, you can delete individual texts and forward them as well:


  • A “sending message” completion bar-


Copy & Paste is easy.  Say I want to copy the link for a Gilt.com invitation and send it to my friend in an email.  First, I pull up the original email:


And I tap and hold next to the link and this bar comes up:


And tap “Select” because I only want to copy the link:

I tap and hold the left circle and drag it to the beginning of the link.


Now I tap “Copy”, open up a new email and double tap in the body of the email.


Simply press “Paste” and voila.  You have just copy and pasted on the iPhone.  You could have also just tap and held the link and copied it that way, but obviously that method doesn’t work for regular text.

  • A search bar in Mail (and in landscape mode):


And finally Spotlight (a left swipe from the main screen):



Overall, the build is very stable and fast.  I’m impressed.  I haven’t had any hang ups so far but Visual Voicemail was a little messed up for a few hours and cleared up after a restart.  It was a little scary to see this:


Two thumbs up as usual for a great Apple product.


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