more and more samples

I’m sick of hearing blatant samples from the 80s/90s on the radio.  Flo Rida’s recent hits “Sugar” and “Right Round” didn’t bother me too much, but I was hoping that would be the end of it.  Unfortunately, it seems as though they’ll be on the radio for awhile as Kristinia DeBarge’s new hit “Goodbye” is climbing the Billboard charts.  It is a great sample, don’t get me wrong, but some classics shouldn’t be messed with.

I’m a little tired of artists not bringing anything new to the table.  I’m not as mad at Flo Rida because he had some hits before “Sugar” and “Right Round”, but not really a fan of Kristinia using this as an entrance into music.  Time will tell whether or not this girl is for real or a one hit wonder.

2 responses to “more and more samples

  1. NaNaNa Na Hey Hey Hey..Goodbye….a White Sox favorite. Beyonce, Wale and Jay-Z on this beat…christ. Space out the releases. I like Cool and Dre use over the No ID and Kanye beat…but the NO ID and Kanye beat is very sick. Definitely the response to Big Brother. “Pants 2 Bright, Clothes 2 Tight.”

  2. You talking about DOA or some other No ID/Yeezy beat?

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