limited edition 6-pack

The recently announced Supreme x Budweiser collaboration has caused quite a stir.  Some laugh at the 90’s beer graphics, while others will undoubtedly be waiting patiently at 11am Eastern for the drop on Supreme’s website.  I think I’m a little in between – the stuff is pretty nice (and Budweiser is a favorite of mine) but nothing is a “must have”.  A Supreme x Budweiser mug or stein would definitely have me feeling differently though.

A few of my favorite pieces:

Anybody else really feeling or dislking this collaboration?  Not really sure if I want to pay Supreme prices for essentially Budweiser shirts/hats.

Via Freshness


3 responses to “limited edition 6-pack

  1. Can’t see the pictures…but Budweiser is okay…bud light sucks.. All about Busch. Cold as a Mountain Stream.

  2. How can’t you see the pictures? You sound like you’re trashed and looking at stuff on your phone.

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