carry on

I haven’t done a full blown posts about weekend bags (it’s coming) but here’s one of my recommendations.  Try a MCM duffle – it’s got status and yet isn’t another Fendi/Gucci/LV bag.  There’s a pretty nice one on eBay right now (vintage too!) ending in about a week.

Bid here.  It might get a conversation with MCM fan Ivanka Trump started…


5 responses to “carry on

  1. Brutal. Simple is better.

  2. Brutal as in too much, or brutal as in “that just killed it”. I personally don’t think it’s too much in terms of patterning, and that cognac color is great.

  3. I find it ugly

  4. It’s not for everyone, but if you were looking for a patterned bag and didn’t want to go down the tradition Louis V or Goyard route, this is another viable option.

  5. I not much of a fashion person, but I just like a bag that will keep my things secure. I need something that will be durable.

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