stock ticker on spam

Look at your inbox.  Chances are you have a variety of emails promising more money, lost weight, physical enhancements, etc. etc.  Spam is an unfortunate part of the online experience, but one designer decided to take things a little bit further.  What is spam was actually a company?  And if spam were a company, what would they need to release annually?

As a quick translate on Google points out:

2007 was a record year in spam. Worldwide, more than 346 trillion spams sent, which are up to 98% of all e-mail traffic. Who is behind the spam? How can you earn millions of spam? And why is it so difficult to effectively combat spam and spammers to put the craft? These and other issues of the Annual Report “SPAM ANNUAL REPORT 2007” on the ground.

It establishes an account over a year worldwide spamming. 80% of the spams are not even 100 people and groups sent.
The heads of the spam scene, the Spam Kings, are constantly in the Top 10 most active spammers represented. They are also the Annual Report published. They report on their most successful year since it is spam. The Chief Executive Leo Kuvayev, the biggest spammers in the world, and its board members for the first time give insight into their illegal business. They report how their activities around the globe to coordinate what new tricks they develop in order to bypass spam filters and spam which are particularly successful. The outlook on future business development, of course, may not be missing. Thanks to sophisticated technology will continue to spam us achieve.

————————————————– ————————–
The annual report is based on the results of intensive research and summarizes its own variety of sources. From literature and the Internet, data, facts and information about spam and spammers collected. Since spammers rarely volunteer information about their illegal business divulge, were publications of organizations, government agencies, market researchers, scientists and software companies evaluated the spam monitor and evaluate development or anti-spam and anti-virus measures offer and develop.

Great find and I’m definitely going to see if I can get a copy.

From Jeff Staple’s blog


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