Could the NBA finals get any better?  I’ve seen my own share of heartbreaks (Bulls v. Celtics) but also joys (Magic defeating Celtics in Game 7 in the Garden).  The Lakers vs. Nuggets and Cavs vs. Magic series’ are just starting, and much like everyone else, I’m praying for a Cavs vs. Lakers Finals.  The way things have been going, the Finals would go to an incredibly climatic Game 7 as well.

Nike has been pushing the Lebron vs. Kobe rivalry pretty hard, and the resulting commercials are pretty funny.  A previous commercial poked fun at Lebron –

But this last one that makes fun of Kobe is my favorite.  They are both incredible competitors and I’m praying they both advance to the Finals.

Sandstorm FTW!


2 responses to “u-n-s-t-o-p-p-a-b-l-e

  1. two thumbs down, sorry

    I am still sad about celts losing

  2. Understandable. It’s cool if you are from the area but being from Chicago and already disliking the Celtics from the previous year…I was glad to see them go down.

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