some new interior shots

I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a massive interior design post and I’m not sure if I was on part IV or part V so here it goes..


Nice shelving, a simple desk and colorful chair.  I like that small plot of grass growing on the desk as well, and the cord management is unobtrusive.


Beautiful lamp and some impressive Mac hardware (probably hooked up to a G5).  Although I love the all-white Mac look, the aluminum Apple products are incredibly nice.


A perfect solution for that small room/corner that you don’t know what to do with.  I’d probably get rid of that iPod speaker dock  and maybe go with a nice floor lamp to illuminate this book nook.


Another cool little room (and the Metropolitan Home 2009 home of the year).  Not sure how much this room would actually be used but I really dig the Asian influence.


And I’m not sure what the name of this chair is, but this is great.  Probably quite a bit cheaper than Pharrell’s chair too.





The past four pictures are all from Kevin & Jacqueline’s house from The Selby.  Everything about their place is great with plenty of small details (in the last picture they show Diptyque candles and the Louis Vuitton city guide set).


I don’t know what my fascination is with plants but I really like this shot.  Having plants indoor (that aren’t plastic) seems to relax me.


How great does that Nixie clock look in someone’s place?  I’m not sure how long those tubes last for but I guess you could set it on a timer to prolong the life of them.


I had so many photos that I want to show but I’ve got to end the post at some point.  This last photo has got a lot of things going on in a small area, but does so effectively with a unique style.

Oh how I can’t wait to be in a position to decorate my own place from scratch.


2 responses to “some new interior shots

  1. That green chair + a camera + a bottle of whiskey = Pure gold.

  2. You are disgusting Gearsmack, but true.

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