kate moss x kaws companion?

Damien Hirst dissected Kate Moss for the cover of Tar Magazine.  And while this cutaway idea is not exactly new, I couldn’t help but think of another artist who utilized the same concept.

Does this remind you of a certain upcoming release?

In all seriousness though, Damien did a great job on the cover and that issue is bound to be a collectors item.  Pick up your copy from Colette and thanks to High Snobiety for the info.


4 responses to “kate moss x kaws companion?

  1. Zachary Cameron

    As much as I hate Damien Hirst, he did do the cutaway stuff long before Kaws did.

  2. Zachary Cameron

    KAWS work is more than likely a tribute to that piece, btw.

  3. It reminds me of the body worlds exhibit…

  4. I know Kaws and Hirst are good friends, and I never saw that piece by Hirst before you posted it (thanks!). Not sure if it would be a tribute, the idea is not that extraordinary in my mind for that to be the case. When you have a few Companions, the natural progression would be to dissect one of them, no?

    And yes, definitely looks like the body worlds exhibit…although it would be awhile before we see Kate Moss’ body in some exhibit.

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