i got them visvims on my feet

As I was shopping with my girlfriend, I asked her if she liked a particular pair of Vans Authentics.  Her reply was, “They’re okay – but you have like 10 pairs that look the same”.  And while I do like a simple sillohuette (I’ve got about 9 pairs that fit this category), I think what is missing from my closet is a pair of Visvim FBT Lhamos from their Folk line.

73874033I’ve posted about Visvim’s offerings multiple times (Gabo Elk Penobscot, fragrance, Vis-preme, Skagway Sami, etc) but I admittedly don’t own any of their products.  And while the price is definitely intimidating, I think it’s time to make the leap to Visvim.  And while that will mean selling some of my current pairs and probably no Yeezy’s/Jordans this summer, it’ll be worth it.




I am watching this auction for a pair right now but I might hold out for a good deal.  Anybody else making the jump from Converse and Vans to Visvim and Common Projects?


2 responses to “i got them visvims on my feet

  1. I made the blog! I definitely think these would be a new, different, and fun addition to your shoe collection. I like these a lot!

  2. Still on the hunt for these. I really like the FBT shape and the Folk line but they rarely come on eBay and fetch the highest prices.

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