ban comic sans

As referenced in my posts about Helvetica and the Periodic Table of Typography, I have quite an interest in typography.  I don’t know a lot about it, but I definitely like to learn and wouldn’t mind a few more books (hell an entire library) on the subject.  A friend of mind passed this link onto me about typography, specifically a movement against the font Comic Sans.

Suprised?  I know I was a victim of overusing Comic Sans in my middle school days, but I’ve since then stayed far away from.  Many people may be wondering why people are against Comic Sans, and for you Ban Comic Sans has a fantastic video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Absolut is one of the best examples.  That brand’s identity exists partially because of the font they use on their bottle (it’s Futura Condensed ExtraBold  btw).

Anyway, I’m not crazy enough to buy one of the sweatshirts, but I do have to agree.  After watching Helvetica, I am much more cognicent of how my choice in type affects my writing’s meaning.  Check out Ban Comic Sans here and buy a bumper sticker to show your support (and disgust).


One response to “ban comic sans

  1. Futura is another family that’s extremely over-used though. Without looking into Wikipedia, I believe it was created before Comic Sans (pretty sure on that one). It was created mainly because of its “futuristic” feel. Although now, a more friendlier Trade Gothic is probably a wiser choice. Myriad feels much like Futura, and I never use either. Look it up, you’ll find just as much hate / info on Futura as Comic Sans.

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