artist spotlight: curt@!n$

I’ll admit, the first time I ever heard of the rapper Curt@!n$ was from the third episode of Maestro Knows.  He’s a pretty eccentric guy with a interest in vintage high fashion – hence his AF1s he designed that combine Hermes, Bugatti, Benneton and Coca-Cola.

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That song they listen to in the car goes so hard!  “See I rock things that ain’t out yet / Can’t find this in no outlet“.  And keep in mind he’s rocking the Yeezy’s a good week or two before they dropped.

I still can’t seem to find the song from the car ride (it’s called “Mode”) but I did find some other songs from his MySpace and his mixtape.  Very promising stuff.

See the MCM hat I blogged about?  And doesn’t that first outfit remind you of someone else?


Denim on denim?  Check.  CDG Play t-shirt?  Check.  Louis bandanna around the neck?  Check.  Amber Rose?  Oh…well….step your game up Curt@!n$.


2 responses to “artist spotlight: curt@!n$

  1. Kanye has listed Curtains as one of his fashion inspirations in the past. When he rocks similar shit as Kanye I think it’s more of a “don’t get it twisted, I get fly too” type of thing than him jacking anyone.

  2. Oh, I agree. I wasn’t trying to propose that Kanye stole Curt@!n$ look or vice/versa, just that the outfit has a large amount of similarities. Curt@!n$ seems to be on that vintage lux kick, which may have influenced Kanye with his recent trend towards all denim. I see Curt@!n$ as a tamed down version of Taz personally.

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