hold your breath

I’ve been following the buildup of Project M on Twitter and they’ve finally released some pictures of the mysterious car.  If you are unaware, Stile Bertone (of the famed P4/P5 Ferrari concept seen below) styled a new car.  They posted episodes with some teasers and plenty of interviews with head designer, Jason Castriota.

Rumors circulated about the chassis being various Aston Martins, Lambos or Ferraris – but in the end, it was actually the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.  And while the mechanicals are the same, you’d be hard pressed to find some similarities in the bodywork.  Here’s the latest episode:

And finally, some high res photos of the Stile Bertone “Mantide”:

Is anyone else reminded of a sporty Maybach Excelero?  I definitely don’t think “Corvette” when I see this.

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