bump this in your headphones

So much new music has dropped already this week!  My ears are struggling to keep up.  I think I’ve been through half a dozen mixtapes, and so many remixes.  Anyway, I’m closing in on the actual hot tracks, and they are definitely going to blow up.  I also tried for a mix of everything so hopefully you are into something from this list:

  • Kyle Lucas – “Hatin’ On Me Is So Last Year” (feat. Andy Milonakis).  Kind of an electro Neptunes type beat, with some sick lyrics.  Sometime you just feel that you aren’t given the proper respect.
  • Chiddy Bang – “Day ‘N’ Nite (KiD CuDi Cover).  It seems like CuDi is getting a little too popular lately.  Everybody seems to be interviewing him or vibing to Day N Nite.  And while that is all and good, the song was actually leaked in December of 2007.  Oh well.  Chiddy Bang actually does an appropriate job and hook the song up with some sick lines.
  • Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow (David Guetta Remix).  Subtle enough and not too dance/club that it gets annoying.  If it’s possible, I think the beat actually goes harder in this remix.
  • MGMT – Electric Feel (James Rutledge Remix).  I think everyone has heard their fair share of MGMT remixed but James Rutledge puts a very unique spin on it.  Not surprising considering Radiohead asked him to do a 4 hour remix of one of their tracks, but I’m just genuinely happy nobody else murdered one of MGMT’s masterpieces.
  • T.I. – Live Your Life (feat. Rihanna) (Dallas Austin Remix).  Again, another song you are probably sick of, but this remix adds some rock to the song.  The beginning even features a sampling of “Hey Jude”.
  • Modest Mouse – I’ve Got It All(most).  Need to bring some diversity to this list.  Wasn’t Modest Mouse a nice change when it came out?  Everything they produced was so unique sounding and they had some of the coolest music videos.  Haven’t kept up with them for awhile but hopefully a new album is dropping soon.
  • Kesha – Boots and Boys.  I swear girls have this song playing through their mind when they are shopping.  Can’t you see this song being played in some montage in a chick flick where the girl goes on a shopping spree?  Imagine it – boxes piling up, sales associates unable to keep up, barely fitting all the shoes in the trunk, etc.  Perfect.

And there are plenty of Cudi and Big Sean tracks I could post to but you should just check out their mixtapes yourself.


2 responses to “bump this in your headphones

  1. you don’t actually like that Chiddy Bang shit do you?

  2. I do like Chiddy Bang. I really like when they hopped on MGMT’s “Kids” and Radiohead’s “Beacuse”. No love for CB?

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