get that new new

Forgot to do a music post last week, so here is what I’ve been listening to this week.

Maybach Music II – Rick Ross feat. Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne & T-Pain.  I’ve been waiting for a CDQ version of this to drop for awhile since Kanye freestyled this on 106 & Park.  A bit more subdued than his freestyle, but a chill song.  Definitely something you’d listen to when posted up in a Maybach.  Oh – and the 57 and 62 references in Ross’ verse (57, 62, tell me how you want to move / yeah you know I got ’em both) refers to the two Maybach models.

My Love (feat. Mariah Carey) / She Rockin’ That Shit – The Dream.  I watched a video about the Dream making beats on Kanye’s blog and was blown away.  Definitely a presence in the studio.  Here are the respective music videos:

Sky Might Fall – Kid Cudi.  Who isn’t hyped about his album?  This should just add to it, what a great track.  According to Cudders, the final version is almost mixed and will hopefully drop soon.  Oh, and how ill is this song for a Transformers II trailer?

Cut Dick – Mr. Oizo.  Not sure where you’ll be able to find this, but this stupid video will have to suffice.  Such an ill saxophone track.  Kenny G won’t know what hit him.

Now get to listening!


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