mr. murakami madness

So much news about Murakami today!  First, I thought the post was going to be about his feature in the newest issue of Casa Brutus, which features his exhibition in Bilbao.  And the issue is including a plate that Murakami designed as well (just like those placemats he did for LV).  I’m going to attempt to track down a copy but it’s probably going to be a challenge.

Here’s a detail of the plate –

And then I read about Mr. Murakami’s upcoming collaboration with Louis Vuitton.  While the pieces from “Multicolore Spring Pallete” won’t release until April 28th, a video teaser has surfaced courtesy of SlamXHype:

And finally, one of Takashi’s protege is coming out with a clothing collaboration of his own with Lucien Pellat-Finet.  Mr. (who has also collaborated with Supreme on a set of desks) has a similiar superflat style, albeit with an almost Speed Racer twist?  See for yourself.

I wouldn’t mind picking up some of Mr.’s bedding with a few Murakami pillows.

High Snobiety x SlamXHype x Hypebeast


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