do you like fishsticks?

Legendary, legendary South Park episode.  If you didn’t pick up on all the details, a bunch of Kanye’s entourage was featured as well.  The biggest tip off was Taz Arnold’s tights, but Don C, Chris Julian and Fonzworth were pretty noticeable as well.


I saw that Kanye also posted it on his blog – glad to see he is taking it well.


EDIT: Yes, we all like to make fun of Kanye’s ego.  And he understands it too as he is “up to the challenge”.  Anyway, Mr. West gets in on Beyonce’s song “Ego” for your auditory enjoyment here.


One response to “do you like fishsticks?

  1. Glad someone talked about his ego issue. Like, I get it, the dude made a bunch of other rappers beats which made them millions.. But seriously, you’ve proven yourself worthy / ill for years now.. I’m a GENIUS so I will have a doctor look to see if I have gills, since fish have gills.

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