I realize that the scope of most of my fashion posts is usually into luxury items, but in all honesty, I wear Japanese repo jeans everyday.  Currently, I’m working on a pair of Samurai S0500XXs (arcs and tabs too!) but I’m always looking for that next pair.  And I’ve found it, 24 oz Sammies!

If you aren’t into the denim game, this is incredible.  Most repos are around 14 oz, some up to 19 oz, and Samurai already has an incredibly tough 21 oz. version available.  But 24 oz. is unheard of!   Blue In Green, the best denim shop on the East Coast has them available for pre-order.  Even at $365 (and arriving in July/August), this is a very good price.  These jeans will probably outlast you.

And I thought the 21 oz. Samurai’s I tried on were stiff!


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