super massive furniture/design post

I’ve had a bunch of things bookmarked for the longest time…time to finally post them:

The Silent Farter

From AT:

Those with excess gas in their abdomen can find it difficult to hold it in sometimes, even at important times such as formal dinner gatherings or meetings.  Quietly letting the gas out may be the solution, but although the sound may be muted, the scent is still present.  It can often cause misunderstanding and unnecessary embarrassment for the innocent others.  This chair announces who the gas is from by amplifying the silent fart exhausted.

Patterns A Plenty Book:

From Design Milk & available from Kapitza.

Mungle Desk by Dimitrios Tsigos:

Not too functional, but wow! does it look good.

The Amcor Fridge Chair (made from a recycled refrigerator!):

Hangover” a chandelier by Luis Luna, made from recycled Solo cups:

Celsius Modular Fridge concept:

Daft Punk inspired concept headphones for Nokia dubbed “Robot Rock”:


One response to “super massive furniture/design post

  1. sweet post – v taken w the fridge chair, imagine it flipped t’other way, so one could lie in it…the headphones are sweet, the winged ones from same comp are gorrgeous!

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