a collector at heart

I always seem to fall in love with those little designer knick-knacks that nobody really needs.  Case in point: this handy lens cleaner from Fragment Design.

Perfect to wipe off my iPhone in it’s Fragment Design x InCase slider case.

In all honesty though, collaborations like this aren’t just rebranded products.  The slider case is all plastic but it has a rubber feel to it, which means it has the perfect amount of grip and doesn’t get stuck in your pocket.  Why InCase doesn’t make slider cases like this is beyond me…although they’ve got the iPhone case game on lockdown.


EDIT: Oh – and as I was looking through my starred feeds, I remembered I was going to post about these Slam Jam x Gallery 1950 chopsticks.  Everybody needs a pair of chopsticks (right?) and might as well go with something with some collectible status.

Via Hypebeast.

BONUS: Thanks to Digg, here’s an instructional video on how to use chopsticks in case you are one of those people that requests a fork when you go out for sushi.

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