my musical selections for this weekend

This post is going to be like those Goosebump novels where you got to choose your own destiny (weren’t those awesome until you kept dying?)

Regardless, I’m going to give some suggestions on music based on what type of week you’ve had.  Sound good?

  • If you got a promotion, aced a test or achieved something elseDJ Class – “I’m The Shit (Remix feat. Kanye West).  In case you need a reminder.
  • If you had one hell of a week and are going out to celebrate: Keri Hilson feat. Lil’ Jon & T-Pain – “Hey Girl”.  All you need to do is listen to the chorus, “I’m on Patron, Tequila, I’m drunk off margaritas”.  Classic Lil’ Jon production on this one, and it feels like a Pitbull type song.
  • If you have a lot of driving to do this weekend: Wale – Chillin.  You know how when you are driving long distances and you have a random radio station and that perfect classic song comes on?  – Something like Eric Clapton’s “Layla”.  This track has got the “Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye” sample, sick rhymes and Lady GaGa lending some vocals.  Best of both all worlds.  “You say you got a lot of cars, but I got a lot”.  Here’s a visual for all you wondering what that means:

A lot of cars…

Vs. a lot of cars…

If you don’t fit into those three situations, then listen to them all.  Oh, and doesn’t this post make you want to pick up a Goosebumps book?


One response to “my musical selections for this weekend

  1. i had sooo many Goosebumps. that particular one was one of my favs. i remember you dying extremely quickly in that you if you fucked it up.

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