trying not to be late

Who uses wristwatches anyway for anything other than a status symbol?  Does the banker in a Rolex own it because it’s a Rolex, or because he genuinely wants to know the time?  I use my phone to check the time, but I think if I had an everyday watch I’d definitely use it more.  I’ve been doing some research and browsing and am really into the 70’s Seiko vibe.  It probably will be some time before I find one in my budget, but here are some of my favorites:

The first three are definitely weekend type watches but the last one has an aura of sensability and elegance around it.  With vintage watches looking this good, why would you buy a new watch?


One response to “trying not to be late

  1. when ur rollin with saget it dosnt matter if you show up on time or not…

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