spot color and keep calm and carry on

I spend a bunch of time perusing Apartment Therapy, and today they posted a link to a new print that had released:

I really like colorful but simple artwork so this was right up my alley.  What does “Spot Color” mean?

It’s called “Spot Color” and features four Pantone colors on off-white speckletone paper. For those not up to speed on printing terminology, a spot color is one of the four hues used in standard offset printing – namely, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (the same colors featured in the print).

The cool thing is that you can buy the print from Etsy, a kind of eBay for homemade things (but fixed prices, no auctions).  “Spot Color” comes from SF Girl By Bay’s Etsy store, where you can also purchase this popular print:

Spot Color is $35 and Keep Calm and Carry On is $25.  Can’t beat that!  Check out SF Girl By Bay’s Etsy page here (and her blog here) and support local artists.  I’m really feeling both of them – I think I’ll pick up that Spot Color print for my apartment next year.


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