brush your shoulders off

Transitioning from a very Hypebeast look to ultra lux, it seems as though Kanye West has gone full circle.  Constantly in the headlines for one thing or another, lately it has been for his recent fits and girlfriend Amber Rose.  Here are a few of my favorites:


With the Monogramoflage bag and Louis V Don’s for their unveiling in Paris.



Rocking his ever present denim jacket and the same duffel as before.  This fit definitely persuaded me to get a pair of the Sperry x Band of Outsider boots.


More streetwear-vibe with a varsity jacket and CDP (presumably) Jordan Bred IVs.

‘Ye blends street fashion and hi-end fashion in a way most people would look like idiots doing.  And 97% of the time, he is looking very fresh.  Whether or not you like his music or politics or persona, I think you’ll have to agree that he is one of the best dressed celebrities (and definitely best dressed musician).

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