batter up

The Air Griffey Max 1 was Ken Griffey Jr.’s first shoe with Nike and debuted shortly after signing his contract.  They are finally being retro’d in 2009, and should be dropping sometime in March. provides some additional info:

With a March 2009 launch, the Nike Air Griffey Max 1’s have come back with a fresh white/water/ colorway. There’s always hype over retro sneakers because it provides an opportunity to pick up a pair of kicks that may not have made it into the collection during it’s original release. Several details are found on these retros including a #24 stitched on the velcro strap, representing Griffey’s number during his career as a Seattle Mariner. This period, 1989-1999, was also the time in which the original Air Griffey Max 1 first launched. On the bottom of the sole there’s an added detail of a ‘flaming’ baseball, along with a variety of varsity red accents found on different areas of the shoe.

Oh, and this color is dropping in May:

I’m feeling the black ones the most, but between these and the Yeezy’s?  Not sure…

Info from Sneaker News / Footlocker.


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  1. Nice post! I love that shoe, good baseball memories!

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