can you hear me now?

No not the Verizon commercial.  I’m talking about the fact that when you listen to music with Grado PS1000’s on, you won’t miss anything.  As reviewed by my favorite Turntable Lab:

“From the Grado site – “The PS1000’s are the very best Grado headphone ever made.” That is quite a statement, especially from Grado, a company renowned for their top notch headphones. Obviously the PS1000’s are for serious audiophiles (the $1695 price tag should have clued you in) that demand the best in every aspect of sonic detailing. The thing that makes these headphones so special is the hybrid metal/wooden construction that incorporates the tone and timbre of the RS1’s, while maintaining the superior Grado mid-range and a resonance reduced decay. The PS1000’s also feature large cushions as providing a very comfortable fit on the head, great for very long listening sessions, and also create large sound and headstage. If you are serious about sound and want the best, this is it. Recommended.”

I own the entry level SR-60s and those blow away all other headphones for the money.  This is quite the sum of cash (at $1695) but you can bet the performance and quality is there.  And if you weren’t a fan of wooden construction like found in the RS-1s, RS-2s and GS-1000s, this pair is a great choice.

Pick them up from Turntable Lab here.


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