doing more with less

As one of my buddies pointed out to me, Kanye West’s blog had a post the other day that said he was going to stop posting ridiculous homes all the time and post about sick apartments too.


Glad to see ‘Ye is focusing on another demographic with this.  And while I’ve been doing this for awhile, I wanted to change it up a little bit and focus on one person’s apartment in particular.  The apartment I’m writing about today is Peter Reis’ from SOMA/SF.  A lot more pictures are available on Apartment Therapy but I wanted to post a few of them that were particularly interesting to me.  Oh – and you’ve already seen Peter’s apartment if you saw my post on the kitchen island made using shopping carts.

Crazy duct taped picture of Mr. T.  Who says art has to be conventional or expensive for it to be cool?

Simple, but I like the vertical office.  See the Phaidon Design Classics – still need that!  Very minimal and wire free.

Amazing coffee table.  Color scheme is pretty nice too, very homey.

Perfect lighting, really cool plants and a nicely arranged cologne shelf.  Functional yet still aesthetically pleasing.

The rest of the pictures are available here on Apartment Therapy.


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