another way technology is making skating easier

When I started skating (rolling, not skateboarding), you basically found spots to skate by spending hours and hours in a city.  Each crew has their own spots, and when you meet another crew they usually tell you of a bunch of spots that you had no idea existed.  How has technology changed this?

Ridiculous.  This new iPhone app called iSkateboard gives you everything you’d need to know to go poser one day to street legend the next.  According to Hypebeast, the app currently has 30,000 spots and more are being added every day.  And with iPhone’s GPS capabilities – you can get directions as well.

The ultimate skateboard directory for skateboarders made by skateboarders – this isn’t another extreme sports app – this is the real deal. This application was made by a network of hardcore skaters from across the world. iSkateboard is an application created to help skaters find street skate spots, skateparks and skate shops. We have listed over 30,000 locations all across the world and are adding hundreds of listings each day.

With iSkateboard you can find a skate shop, street spot or skatepark that is near you with GPS functionality of up to 50 miles. iSkateboard gives you turn by turn car and foot directions from where you are to your skate spot, skatepark or skate shop. You also have the ability to override the GPS and manually search cities for spots.

iSkateboard features a streaming RSS news feed from all the major skate media featuring Thrasher Magazine, Skateboard Mag, Transworld, Fuel TV and more. With iSkateboard you can also contribute skate spots that you know and helping add to the community of people who want to find the dopest spots around.
Countries include: USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, China, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, New Zealand, Japan and many many more.

iSkateboard is currently in development for BlackBerry, G-Phone, Sidekick & Windows ME.

I just hope law enforcement doesn’t step in and disable this app or monitor who posts spots.  Skating is a constant battle between police and skaters and although it won’t ever stop, this is definitely a point for the skaters.   Thanks to Hypebeast for the info.

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