rub a dub dub

Is it just me, or has the bathtub gone the way of the VHS?  Everybody has one but very rarely do you actually use it.  If I had more time (and a bath tub), I wouldn’t mind taking a bath once a week.  Sometimes you’ve just got to relax, you know?

I spotted these in-floor bathtubs on AT (and courtesy of Le Blog Deco) and I couldn’t help but be envious of anybody who had one of these.  Most of them exude a zen-like feel which is exactly what you would want from a bathtub.  I’d assume you would have to install this on the first floor and this definitely is not something you could do yourself.  I think this would work perfectly in a pre-fab home, like DWR’s Kithaus.

If you’ve got the place and the cash, check out the Red Dot Award winning KÄSCH Overflow series of bathtubs here.


One response to “rub a dub dub

  1. This is a cool idea, but I feel like if I were to get in water would come spilling over the edges. . . then I’d have to mop the floor. Aren’t bathtubs made for the bathroom? I’ll take an outdoor hot tub please.

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