half.com wishlist snapshot

I don’t want to give away all my secrets/future purchases but here are a few things on my Wishlist that you should check out.

Made For Skate – history of skateboarding shoes

Design Hotels Yearbook 08 – this one made the blog rounds.  Hotels are always impeccably decorated.  Definitely great inspiration.

Les Miserables – I love this story.  And the movie was great too.  Bonus points if anyone can name the movie where the main character has a framed playbill from Les Miserables the play in his bathroom.  Here’s a hint (2 words):

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _            _ _ _ _ _ _

Choke: Saw the movie and it was pretty crazy.  I’ve been told the book was better, but I’m suspicious.  I read Fight Club after watching the movie and I didn’t think the book was better (Brad Pitt was beyond great).


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