don’t waste your time waiting for the mac portable

Apple rumors are a dime a dozen (remember the Mac Wheel?).  And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read rumors of an Apple tablet portable, or an Apple netbook.  Even in the near future, I think the chances of this are pretty slim.  The market is already prevalent with a slew of netbook and Mac wants to retain it’s premium integrity.

So what’s a gadgeter to do when you want that elusive Mac portable now?  Well, you buy a Dell Mini 9 and run OSX of course.

Gizmodo was kind enough to prepare an entire tutorial on how to make this transformation.  And for the most part – it’s pretty straightforward.  The conclusion?

So congrats, now you have a 100% functional OS X netbook. I’ve been using mine for a few days now, and it’s quite the machine for basic netbook activities-surfing, IM, email. It connects to my shared AirPort disk and streams my video collection (even high-def files) perfectly, and also backs up wirelessly over Time Machine. The 9-inch screen will make even your lower-res full-screen video look fantastic—YouTube or Hulu, QuickTime trailers and video rips are a pleasure to watch. Watching an episode of something in bed without lugging my 15-incher in with me is really nice.

Read the full tutorial here.  Still not convinced?  The article also says some people have been able to implement multitouch scrolling action…a la two finger gestures.


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