a must-see documentary: helvetica

I heard about Helvetica in 2007 when it dropped.  A lot of people on messageboards I visited posted pictures of the book and DVD, and I also saw it on Colette.  A documentary on fonts?  Lame.

Fast foward two years and as a more design-appreciative person, I decided to check it out.  Can’t be all that bad, right?

The documentary was absolutely brilliant!  I’m watching it right now as we speak, actually.  And I ended up buying the book too (mine’s hardcover though).

Stop watching Lost or whatever show you are into and download/rent/buy this ASAP.  I wish somebody would have forced me to watch it at launch instead of now – but better late than never.


3 responses to “a must-see documentary: helvetica

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  3. Agreed! Objectified is also now on my Netflix.

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