hide your credit card, new kicks this week!

I decided to combine a few threads as opposed to making three or four.  I’ll start with the affordable ones and we will end up at the “Bust out my Black Card” expensive pairs.

The first is a new colorway of the Vans Era – “Deep Red”.  The Era is such a great canvas to use, it only seemed fitting that sooner or later they would make a pair in burgundy.  This Era combines both suede and leather and should be yours for around $40.

From Freshness Mag.

The next pair/collection is also from Vans, coming from the Taka Hayashi collaboration.  Native American influence can easily be seen in the three models: the No Quarter LX, Velocita LX and Akat LX.

The real gem from this pair is the chukka-type boot (no idea which model it is).  This model gives a Visvim feel at a premium Vans price ($110ish).  Not bad at all.

From Hypebeast.

And here are the wish-list type sneakers.  Unless you’re the luxbeast, don’t bother contemplating purchase, just dream.

The first collection is from my second favorite French fashion house (behind YSL), Lanvin.  I loved their first collection of footwear but every since then, been constantly dissapointed.  They never returned to hi-tops with straps (although they are still the most coveted) and continue using gaudy sparkles and fur.  Although they still don’t have straps, Lanvin is making a proper SS collection with the offering of boat shoes as well as regular trainers.

The last pair is definitely something not to be attempted by amateurs.  These and a few more pairs are currently available at Browns and should be hitting your local Barneys soon as well.  Unfortunately, you’ll probably be hit with the unfortunate exchange rate regardless of where you purchase.

From High Snobiety.

And finally, the “unicorn” of the bunch, a new selection from Hermes.  While there is only limited information currently, expect a higher price tag than the Lanvins.  Oh well.  We can hope Vans makes a similar shoe, right?

From SlamXHype.

If anyone has any comments on whether or not you like combined sneaker posts or seperate ones, please let me know.


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