what is goyard?

A lot of you are probably unfamiliar with the French trunkmaker (aka luggage maker) Goyard.  A little known fact about the brand is that it was actually established a full year before Louis Vuitton.  Recently, they’ve been receiving more exposure from some of hip-hops stars, most notably Lupe Fiasco.

0712_lupe_8004The bag (item 4) is a Goyard duffle.  And side note – Lupe is repping Chicago with the STA tee.

Anyway, maybe indirectly as a result, Goyard has been getting busy with the luxbeast (I just coined that term) featuring the Assouline x Goyard limited edition trunk and most recently, laptop sleeve.

The trunk features 100 books from Assouline of famous fashion houses (Dior, Chanel, etc).  You can stick pick one up from Revolve Clothing for 20 large – no word on whether a discount code will work (joking).

And today Hypebeast had these photos of a Goyard laptop sleeve:

Retail is set at a hefty $830.  Honestly, I wouldn’t waste money on a really nice laptop sleeve.  I think if I bought this sleeve I’d have to buy another case just to protect this one.

In my opinion, the Original Fake x Arkitip x InCase is still the king.  And no hate on other computer manufacturers, but you bought a Goyard to protect a Dell?  This case deserves a MacBook Air or new aluminum at minimum.

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