ipod dock/light/speaker designed by sang-hoon lee

Just like the OS X dock pillows, I blogged about this design (or a similiar design) not too long ago.  Designer Sang-Hoon Lee has designed this multifunctional unit, which definitely looks more elegant than what I previously posted.  A bedroom light, iPod/iPhone dock and speaker definitely seem like a logical fusion of products.

As Unpluggd notes, it is nice that the iPhone becomes the focus of the piece and is almost displayed rather than just docked.  Additionally, who doesn’t like consolidating a bunch of things into a multifunctional product?

Produce it, please!

3 responses to “ipod dock/light/speaker designed by sang-hoon lee

  1. this is so cool. it looks awesome. haha i want one.

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  2. wow what a great ipod dock…it looks stunning amazing at the night time when night light is switched on.the perfect design deserve the best place in my bedroom

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